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P.V. Vijay
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Graduate Student Advising/Co-Advising (Last 5+ Years)

Name Degree Graduation Date Thesis
Piyush Soti Ph.D. 2019 Structural behavior of hybrid FRP structural Shapes and Systems (Advisor and Chair)
Krishna Gadde Ph.D. 2020* (May) Behavior of Damaged Concrete Members with FRP Strengthening (Advisor and Chair)
Tomer KS MCSE 2019-2020* Design and Field Evaluation of FRP Pedestrian Bridge Decks (Advisor and Chair)
Justin Smith MCSE 2018 December Geo-Cylinders and Polymer Products for Enhancing the Properties of Pavement Base/Sub base (Advisor and Chair)
Krishna Gadde MCSE 2017 May Evaluation of the Structural Behavior of Hybrid FRP Concrete Structures (Advisor and Chair)
Gadireddy D.V. MCSE 2016 December Analysis and Design of Timber/FRP Structures (Advisor and Chair)
John Luwalaga MCSE 2015 December 'Analyzing the Behavior of Soil Reinforced with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Plastic Waste (Exchange student from Stellenbosch U) (Co-Advisor and Co-Chair)
Mariam Albaghli MCSE 2016 August Behavior of Concrete Members Reinforced with Basalt FRP (Advisor and Chair)
Piyush Soti MCSE 2014 August Rehabilitation of Hydraulic Structures with Composites (Advisor and Chair)
Tyler D. Beaty MCSE 2014 May FRP Composites for Lock and Dam Structures (Advisor and Chair)
Amir H. Houshmandyar MCSE 2013 August Rehabilitation and Field Evaluation of Discarded Timber Railroad Ties using Thermoset GFRP Composites (Chair and Advisor)

* Students expected to complete their defense and submission.

Graduate Student Advising/Co-Advising (Prior to August 2013)

Name Degree Graduation Date
Chada V. MSCE 2012
Kalligudd S. MSCE 2010
Mavuleti A. MSCE 2009
Manab Medhi MSCE 2008
Rajan VK MSCE 2006
Varthakavi S. MSCE 2006
Aditham R. MSCE 2004
Renee R. MSCE 2004
Hui Li MSCE 2004
Woraphot Prachasaree MSCE 2003
Tripathi V. MSCE 2002
Ricardo J. Basto MSCE 2002
John Bargo MSCE 2000
John Witt MSCE 2000
Kalluri R. MSCE 1999

* Undergraduate courses

Additional Graduate Committees/Mentoring

  • Ph.D. - 10 - Departments of Civil Engineering and Wood Sciences, WVU; Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India; Sherbrooke University, Canada; Southern Queensland University (USQ), Austrailia.
  • MSCE - 16 - Department of Civil Engineering, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science; Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
  • Mentoring- ~15 additional Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. students at CEE, WVU

Regular and New Course offerings/Development

  • CE 210 Introduction to CADD
  • CE 361 Structural Analysis-1
  • CE 464 Timber Design
  • CE 493N- Structural Design with FRP Reinforcement (new undergraduate course)
  • CE 479 - CAPSTONE course with LEED Design
  • CE 591B- Advanced Timber Design (new graduate course)
  • CE 768 Behavior/Design of FRP Members
  • Guest lectures on LEED and concrete structural design for courses offered by other CEE faculty
  • Several professional development courses and seminars.