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P.V. Vijay
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Projects/Funding (~ $550K since 2013)

Funded Research Grants Role Duration Sponsors
Improving the Durability and Extending the Life of Transportation Infrastructure. Regional University Transportation Center (UTC), (Pennsylvania State University-UTC Consortium) Co-PI 09/2018 to 09/2023 US DOT-Research and Innovative Technology Administration
FRP and Timber Pedestrian Bridge Deck Design, Evaluation and Field Implementation Sole-PI 08/2018 to 06/2019 WVU-Extension Service
Hybrid GFRP-Steel Wide Flange Beams Sole-PI 08/2017 to 12/2018 Kenway Corporation
Evaluation of CFRP, GFRP and Hybrid Fabrics for Repair and Rehabilitation of Civil Infrastructure Sole-PI 10/2015 to 06/2017 Neptune Research Inc.
Evaluation of Products and Techniques for Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Pavement Base/Subbase Sole-PI 12/2015 to 12/2018 WV Department of Highways/Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
ASCE ExCEEd Fellowship Fellowship Awardee 12/2015 to 12/2018 ASCE
Field Implementation of Prototype Thermoplastic and Thermoset FRP Wicket Gates and Field Rehabilitation of East Lynn Lake Bridge with FRP (NSF: I/UCRC Collaborative Research: Durability and Life Cycle Performance of Pultruded & Infused FRP's for Infrastructure) Co-PI 01/2014 to 12/2016 US-Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and National Science Foundations (NSF)
RP 299: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Research (Wrapping) PI 05/2014 to 09/2019 WV Department of Highways

Other Projects/Funding (~$6+ million)

Note: Worked as a project Co-PI or a Researcher with significant research activity in the following projects at the Constructed Facilities Center, West Virginia University.

Project Title or Area Sponsoring/Granting Agency Duration of Award
FRP Green Wall Panel System Mon County Schools, W.Va. 06/2011 to 12/2011
Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Research to Determine Structures Where FRP Wraps Would be Beneficial WVDOH 08/2011 to 12/2012
Feasibility of FRP for Structural Applications US Army Corps of Engineers 02/2010 to 08/2010
Timber Railroad Bridge Pile Rehabilitation using FRP Wraps WVDOT, State Rail Authority 06/2010 to 12/2012
Composite Materials Use for Railroad Infrastructure USDOT, FRA 09/2010 to 12/2012
Evaluation of SPMS Building Preston County Education Board 03/2009 to 06/2009
Evaluation of Gilmer Schools Gilmer County Education Board 07/2009 to 12/2009
NSF I/UCRC NSF-Industry 08/2009 to 08/2013
Thermoplastic Tie Development FRA-USDOT 08/2009 to 08/2011
Thermoplastic Tie Development FRA-USDOT 09/2008 08/2010
The Center of the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure NSF & WVU 09/2008 to 07/2009
Field Installation and Monitoring of Modular FRP Panels for Pavement Rehabilitation WVDOH-DOH 10/2007 to 10/2009
Field Monitoring and Evaluation of Railroad Wood Bridges Rehabilitation using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites FRA-USDOT 07/2007 to 02/2009
Evaluation of Composite Materials used for Railroad Infrastructure WVDOT-DOH 11/2006 to 11/2009
MARCEE Project: Commercialization and Workforce Development in Polymer/Electronic Recycling Activity USDOE-NETL 06/2006 to 05/2009
Evaluation of Composite Materials for Railroad Infrastructure Safety Enhancements FRA-USDOT 10/2005 to 09/2011
Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) WVDOH 09/2003 to 06/2009
Deployment of FRPs in Pavements USDOT-FHWA 05/2006 to 02/2009
MARCEE Project – Recycling USDOE - NETL 04/2005 to 05/2009
Development and Evaluation of Thermoplastic Composite Crossties USDOT/FRA 09/2004 to 09/2006
Continuation of Research, Commercialization and Work Force Development in the Polymer Electronics Recycling Industry NETL, DOE 10/2004 to 09/2005
Center of Excellence (COE)-Characterization, Evaluation and Implementation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite for Highway Infrastructure USDOT-FHWA 08/2001 to 04/2005
Center of Excellence in FRPs - FRP Systems FHWA 08/2002 to 08/2004
R & D in Polymer/Electronic Recycling Industry DOE/NETL 04/2001 to 04/2004
FRP composites Applications for Non-Ductile Structural Systems: Short- and Long-term Behavior sponsored by US Army Corps of Engineers, July 2000 USACE- USDOD 04/2000 to 03/2001
Specifications for FRP Highway Bridge Applications: Acceptance Test Specifications for FRP Decks and Superstructures, January 2000 USDOT-FHWA 01/2000 to 04/2002
NCHRP Project 10-55, “Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites for Concrete Bridge Deck Reinforcement” USDO-NCHRP 01/1999 to 10/2002
Development and Deployment of Second-Generation Composites Applied to Concrete Pavements, Grant No. DTFH61-99-X-00078, August 1999 USDOT-FHWA 10/1999 to 03/2005

Organization and Industry Collaborations

Federal/National Agencies

  • DOE
  • NETL
  • DOD
  • NSF
  • NIST
  • US Army Corps of Engineers

State and Counties

  • WV Department of Education
  • Monongalia County
  • Preston County
  • Gilmer County


  • HDR Inc.
  • HNTB Corporation
  • Michael Baker Corporation
  • Gannett Fleming, Inc.
  • Alpha Associates Inc.
  • Reichhold Chemicals
  • Bayer Corporation
  • Ashland Chemicals
  • Tonen Corporation
  • PPG
  • Owens Corning
  • Creative Pultrusion
  • Marshall Industries
  • MFG Industries Inc.
  • International Grating Inc.
  • Hughes Brothers
  • MMFX Steel Corporation
  • Bedford Reinforced Plastics (BRP Inc.)
  • Kenway Corporation
  • Composites Advantage
  • Star Plastics (W.Va.)
  • Simpson String Tie
  • Nepture Research Inc.
  • SIKA Corporation
  • FiberTech Inc.
  • GrafTech International Ltd
  • Gaiker Corporation (Spain)
  • and several others...

Additional Project Proposals/White Papers

  1. Multiple Corrosion Protection Systems for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Components, FHWA- DOT, Aug. 2003.
  2. Development and Application of FRP Composites for Infrastructure, WVDOT-Research and Development Program, Sept. 2004.
  3. Design Guidelines for Durability of Bonded CFRP Repair/Strengthening of Concrete Beams to NCHRP Project 12-72, Nov. 2004.
  4. FRP Composite Homes for Reconstruction, HUD, Dec. 2005.
  5. Recycled Polymers for Structural Product Development and Application, NETL/DOE, March 2005.
  6. Specification Implementation: Qualification and Acceptance of FRP Highway Bridge Decks and Superstructures FHWA, May 2005.
  7. Development and Nondestructive Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites for Highway Infrastructure 2005-2007, USDOT, FHWA, August 2005.
  8. Equipment for Characterization and Development of Advanced Composites at Nano level for Defense Applications, DoD, August 2005.
  9. Crack Evaluation of Concrete Sandwich Decks, WVDOT-Research and Development Program WVDOT, Dec. 2005.
  10. Connection Details for Prefabricated Bridge Elements, FHWA, June 2006.
  11. Advanced Composites for Blast Effects and Mitigation (Combating Terrorism-Technical Support Working Group), Homeland Security, March 2006.
  12. Prefabricated Panels for Pavement Rehabilitation, WVDOH, Dec. 2006.
  13. Use of Bio-Fiber Composites for Infrastructure and Automotive Applications, USDA, Jan. 2007.
  14. Evaluation of Different Joint and Anchoring Methods for Modular FRP Pavements, NCHRP- IDEAS, Feb. 2007.
  15. Next Generation Infra. Materials: Mechanistic modeling of Long-term performance, FHWA, March 2007.
  16. Modular FRP Panels for Pavements, Project Number: R05 (Modular Pavement Technology), Focus Area: Renewal, FHWA, Sept. 2007.
  17. Bio-Based Natural Fiber/Resin Composites, White Paper and its versions submitted to industries, Jan. and Oct. 2008.
  18. Blast Resistant Composites White Paper Submitted to FHWA and Industries, Jan./Feb. 2008.
  19. Curvilinear FRP Panels- Design Schemes for Structural Applications, White Paper submitted to Industries, Jan./Feb. 2008.
  20. Performance Assessment of Concrete Pavement with FRP/Steel Bars, Pavement Technology Division, FHWA, Jan. 2008.
  21. Application of Smart Sensors for FRP Composite Structures, NIST, 2008.
  22. Computational Structural Mechanics (Modeling and Simulations), ERDC, August 2008.
  23. Durability & Life Cycle Performance of Pultruded and Infused FRPs for Infrastructure, NSF I/CURC, February 2010.
  24. GREEN SCHOOL BUILDING MANUAL, Material Selection Procedures and Specifications for Design and Construction Manual, October 2010.
  25. Material Selection, Use, and Specifications for Design and Construction, Joint proposal with AECOM, December 2010.
  26. Field Monitoring and Design Development for CRCP With FRP Rebars, FHWA, Dec. 2010.
  27. Enhancing Durability of Civil Infrastructure, FHWA, Dec. 2011.
  28. Evaluation of Sustainable Materials for Pavement Strengthening, WVDOH, Dec. 2013.
  29. Durable FRP Composites for Structural Applications, WVDOH-FHWA, May. 2014.
  30. Harpers Ferry Building Rehabilitation (WV), NSF RAPID, May 2015.
  31. Durability Performance and Service-life Prediction of Advanced FRP Composites under Synergistic Mechanical and Environmental Loads, US NSF CAREER, 2016.
  32. Evaluation and Application of Advanced Basalt FRP Bars and Wraps for Structural Construction and Rehabilitation, WVDOH, 2016
  33. Center for Rapid Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofit of Transportation Infrastructure (4RTI), DOT, 2016.
  34. Evaluation and Utilization of off-Specification Fly Ash for Enhancing Mechanical Properties of Pavement Base/Subbase, EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) July 2017.